What are Shared Services?

Often there is confusion between outsourcing versus shared services, with most people considering them to be same. Outsourcing is the process of using a third-party vendor to provide services to your business based on a contract. While shared services are multiple services within the one organisation. Their focus is to create centres of excellence. All services provided by outsourcing and shared services are similar such as bookkeeping, payroll, finance, management reporting, business intelligence and consulting.

Eagle Shared Services

While technically we are an outsourced provider of services, we use a shared services approach to your business. Our best efforts approach means we do that little bit extra to deliver results. For example, if you need a budget done or a one-off report my team are more than happy to help. While in a contracted outsourcing scenario that’s generally an additional cost or an hourly charge. Key advantages of our shared service approach are. • Business Integration • Cultural Alignment • Customization • Small requests don’t create issues. • Our focus is on your business. We believe our holistic approach will make sense and move the focus from contracts to shared outcomes.