Finance and Bank Reporting

All businesses need capital to grow and prosper, however once business finance is approved the lender will need regular progress reports. These are often called bank or loan covenants. My team and I can establish a streamlined banking and finance reporting process that keeps your financiers informed.

Our process

Step 1: Review Loan or Finance Contract to establish reporting deadlines and covenant requirements.
Step 2: Analysis of your current covenants and discuss any issues. This includes testing against budgets or forward projections. Further we identify any strategic issues with your refinance cycle. A common issue occurs in regard to lease term as a covenant and loan cycle.
Step 3: Set up reporting cycles with client review as part of the process. Once you sign off, final reports are sent to your financier. Further we can talk to your financier on your behalf or with you.

In Summary

Reporting cycles can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly and even triennial. Reports can include;

  • Managerial Performance to Budget
  • Performance to Covenants
  • Forecast covenant testing, so you can be proactive

In addition, to our reporting and reviewing services we can provide support through:

  • Loan agreement summary
  • Attendance to bank meetings
  • Transaction assistance and bank/broker liaison.

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