Explore and Innovate

Consulting and Micro Consulting services provides an opportunity for a small to medium sized business to explore a number of alternatives whether they be strategic, infrastructure, staff, marketing or financial. Micro Consulting engagements are short and sharp generally taking less then 2 weeks to deliver
findings or insights, while consulting is a specific project or engagement that could take months to complete.

The core idea behind micro consulting is to provide a low-risk platform for exploring innovation. Most micro consulting engagements have a small investment or around $1,000 – $3,000. This provides you with a top level view and in some cases a mid level analysis. Some examples of micro consulting services include.

  • Accounting Systems
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Plans
  • Business Recovery
  • IT Integration
  • Organisational Culture
  • Process Efficiency
  • Strategic Planning

One key advantage of micro consulting, is that it gives the client an opportunity to establish if the consultant can deliver on a long term project, but more importantly to see if the client and consultant work well together. There is no point in hiring the best consultant if their style is not right for you and your business. Micro consulting is like a sampler plate at a restaurant, small risk, high reward.

Our Process

Step 1: Initial evaluation and scoping
Step 2: Analysis and information gathering and/or research
Step 3: Delivery of final report and discussion of findings

Consulting or Micro Consulting ?

In most cases the division between micro consulting or consulting is clearly defined by the scope of work. However in some cases the client may start with a micro project that grows into a larger project. In this case constant feedback will keep you in the loop and in control.