Why do I need Business Advisory Services?

If you’ve had a Wish List or a Worry List for more than 6 months, then you may benefit from business advisory services, the next generation in businesses coaching.

I know you are probably thinking, but I’m successful and the best at what I do and I have found no other person better? Yes I used to think like that too, until I had the “Aha” that the purpose of a business advisor is not to be better than you, but to help unleash your true potential and hidden talents.

A business advisor can bring new talents to your team, without the cost of hiring a full time expert. They can save you time in areas you know little about or provide a sounding board for business strategy and ideas.

Our process

Step 1:Book a 1 hour business evaluation session or complete our online form, you decide what works for you. During this session we identify the challenges and opportunities that will make the most difference to your and your business. In this session we clearly define your ultimate goal (i.e. why you are in business and what success looks like).

Step 2:Drill down on your business with a resource analysis. What are the tools you already have and how currently generate value. This stage allows us to uncover hidden gold or quick wins to drive productivity, stability and growth.

Step 3:Bring it all together and develop a plan and reporting systems that mean something you and are user friendly.

Step 4: Measure success and fine tune the plan. Ongoing one hour sessions once per month or quarter to review and adjust the plan so you meet your goals. Similar to a mini board meeting.

Seems Simple ?

Yes and No. Simply put you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. Best intentions are just that, intentions. Unless you turn them into actions you won’t get results.