Our payroll SERVICES ARE state of the art.

Eagle Shared Services has a dedicated payroll processing team to take on the non-core activities of payroll for our clients. From roster management, employee payment, and payslips to superannuation and leave calculations, payroll processing can be a time-consuming process for small businesses.

The benefits of using our payroll services include:

  • Reduced Staffing Costs: no need to hire and manage bookkeeping staff
  • Focus on your business: not accounting
  • Service availability: sick days and leave no longer impact bookkeeping and payroll
  • Additional Services: on demand and no need to hire additional staff
  • No accounting Software Upgrades or systems to learn
  • We support Multiple Awards, Agreements, and Contracts.
  • We can import data from existing timesheet and roster systems or you can use our platform.  
  • Our Award Checker detects payroll issues before they cost you money.
  • Employee Records Management. 


Payroll is a complex area for many businesses and we understand sometimes you need a little extra help.  Maybe you have an established process, but have concerns about awards, pay rates or even a backpay calculation or review that you don’t have the time or resources to complete.  This is where our highly confidential consulting services can help.

  • BOOT (Better Off Overall Test) Consult and Review.
  • Multiyear Back Pay Calculation.
  • Award Rate Consulting.
  • Payroll Systems Review.
  • Payroll Software Configuration.
  • Award Interpretation.   

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