Our payroll processing is state of the art.

Eagle Shared Services has a dedicated payroll processing team to take on the non-core activities of payroll for our clients. From roster management, employee payment and payslips to superannuation and leave calculations, payroll processing can be a time consuming process for small business.

Our time keeper can track employee time attendance with finger print, magnetic card and facial recognition. Time keeper uses a network cable to link to a computer on site and you can have multiple Time Keepers on the same site and/or in multiple locations. Further time keeper data can be adjusted (subject to appropriate controls), should staff make mistakes.

The benefits of using our payroll processing system include:

  • Reduced Staffing Costs: no need to hire and manage bookkeeping staff
  • Focus on your business: not accounting
  • Service availability: sick days and leave no longer impact bookkeeping and payroll
  • Additional Services: on demand and no need to hire additional staff
  • No accounting Software Upgrades or systems to learn

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