delegate or die

Delegate or Die.

So many times as a business owner, we hear everyone say, “You need to delegate this. You need to get somebody else to do it.” Why don’t we do that? Why are we so flawed that advice might as well be etched in stone, then set beneath the base of the pyramids? I think the […]

cash flow chasm

CashFlow Chasm

Now that cashflow boost has ended, some businesses may be facing a cashflow chasm. One of the little hacks I’d like to share is how to work out if you need additional funding over the coming months.

Numbers That Matter

Numbers That Matter.

What are the numbers that matter in your business? When you look at most great business entrepreneurs and titans of commerce, you often find that they have a set of numbers or a rule of thumbs that they use. Unfortunately, in this era of information overload, we can often be overwhelmed with too many numbers, facts, and figures, and you may be following the wrong metrics.

Next Level, Part Two

Next Level, Part Two.

The next part of the exercise is to go through and look at how you can refine each of those areas. More importantly, as you’re working through that list, what could you get more leverage by bringing in an expert or getting somebody else to do the services.