Human Robots

Human Robots.

I look at how my work has changed over the last thirty years. Most of my work in my first job out of uni as an IT Manager, was robotic in nature. We were processing something; we were collecting data, checking batches using some very primitive machines back then, and generating some reports as output.

Don't teach me, just tell me what to do.

Don’t Teach Me, Just Tell Me What To Do.

“Don’t teach me, just tell me what to do.” When I first heard those words, I was training someone on the use of the Minfos stock control and point of sale system back in 1997. As they rolled out of the mouth of someone whom I thought was quite intelligent; I stopped dead in my tracks with horror.

Driving or Driven.

Driving or Driven.

Are you driving your business, or are you being driven by your business? By driven I mean, your typical day starts, you get up early, rush off to work, do a few hours of preparation, paperwork, do some marketing, pay some bills, move stock around, basically doing any day to day task.

delegate or die

Delegate or Die.

So many times as a business owner, we hear everyone say, “You need to delegate this. You need to get somebody else to do it.” Why don’t we do that? Why are we so flawed that advice might as well be etched in stone, then set beneath the base of the pyramids? I think the […]