Case Study 3. Josh

Josh is a mechanic. He opened his workshop last year, and as most owner-operators find, there was a steep learning curve and a certain amount of juggling involved. However, Josh is comfortable in the workshop, and his customers respect his happy and candid personality. His favourite car is his old HG Kingswood which is older than he is and, to most people, looks like a rusty wreck but to Josh looks like gold. On some parts, you can even still see the original sky blue colour. In the beginning, Josh found he could manage all aspects of his business by spending more time working at it. At first, learning how to do the bookkeeping himself and then later on trying to keep up with it as he gained more clients over time. Now that Josh is a couple of years in, he’s worked out that he wasn’t keeping up with all the quoting, which is critical to client retention and repeat business. He needed a fast solution to this newly identified problem, so he gave Eagle Shared Services a call. Having Eagle does the general admin and bookkeeping on a Bronze package meant Josh has time back now to concentrate on getting his quoting out to customers on time which is already bringing more business back through. Josh is starting to think about taking on an apprentice now that he can consider that option and more business to fund it.
Josh is happy, and he takes time to sit (on the floor) in his old jalopy and contemplate the future.