Case Study 2. Paul & Tamara

Paul and Tamara have their own bathroom renovation business. They can do other reno’s, but they decided a long time ago that bathrooms were their thing. Although it means working in a small space most of the time, Paul particularly loves that it’s not a traffic area so he can work uninterrupted. Unfortunately, he gets bugged by people in his space. Like most trades, a fair amount of time is spent quoting, but Paul and Tamara have a good routine worked out. Paul inspects and works out the costing, gives the workings out to Tamara, who types it up and sends it to the prospective client.
It’s her job to keep track of the bills. Tamara also makes sure the clients have all paid on time. Tamara also makes sure the wages for their 2IC and the labourer are done. She also draws for Paul and herself and all the other tasks needed to keep a business going. They have three kids, with the oldest now in high school. They need a bit more Mum time now, and so they tried to hire a replacement person to do what Tamara does. Hiring people is tricky, and they had second thoughts when they worked out the cost for a part-time bookkeeper, the training time. Tamara would also still have to do some of the more sensitive stuff. As luck would have it, Tamara saw the Eagle Shared Services ad on Facebook and enquired late one night without really thinking it through. Now, she can’t believe her luck! All her bookkeeping is done, including the wages for around $270 each week. They have the Silver package and pay a little extra for cash flow advice and assistance with bank compliance. The positive dynamic change in their family relationships (in all areas!) is outstanding!