Case Study 1. Dan & Jake

Dan and Jake are partners in a building business. They’re good at what they do, but they have entirely different personalities and ideas on the back office stuff. For example, Dan wants to be neat and tidy and keep on top of the paperwork, but he’s too busy meeting new clients, quoting and working on-site to do the paperwork as well.
Jake is fantastic at what he does, and the clients love him too, but he couldn’t care less about the paperwork; it’s just not his thing. He’s a chuck it in a box in the car kind of guy, and he’s happy to give it to their bookkeeper, who only works on Fridays. Half of her time is spent smoothing out pieces of paper, and now she’s about to go on parental leave, which is sending Dan and Jake into a panic.
Eagle Shared Services came to the rescue because we have staff available Monday – Friday (and we’ll probably answer the phone on a weekend if you need us..shhh don’t tell anyone). Dan is more relaxed because he has complete control over who gets paid when he can log on and give the books a once over whenever he wants, and he can see all the documents because they are kept in an easy to access document management system. He feels great. Jake is stoked because all he has to do is take a picture of the paperwork and send it to us, and it’s done. (Sometimes, he still doesn’t do this, so Dan asked him to keep the box for a while longer).
It’s a bonus that Eagle can handle Partnership accounting as well, so tax time is quick and easy.