Numbers That Matter

Numbers That Matter.

What are the numbers that matter in your business? When you look at most great business entrepreneurs and titans of commerce, you often find that they have a set of numbers or a rule of thumbs that they use. Unfortunately, in this era of information overload, we can often be overwhelmed with too many numbers, facts, and figures, and you may be following the wrong metrics.

Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations

We all know about managing customer expectations, but what about your team?
Now it’s holiday season, it might be a good time to review your staff leave policies for the next 12 months. COVID has been a roller coaster for many business owners and staff. However it’s never been more important manage expectations about staff leave.

learning curve

Learning Curve.

One of the greatest challenges these days is keeping up with the rate and pace of change. So how do you keep up? One of the hacks I’ve used was to work out your motivation for learning before starting.

Human Robots

Human Robots.

I look at how my work has changed over the last thirty years. Most of my work in my first job out of uni as an IT Manager, was robotic in nature. We were processing something; we were collecting data, checking batches using some very primitive machines back then, and generating some reports as output.