Australian Labour Law Changes

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What you will learn

  • Why the government is changing the Labour Law
  • Why you should be concerned with the Labour Law changes
  • Which industries and awards will be affected by this change
  • The new maximum penalties for wage theft
  • How your business can be prepared for the Labour Law changes
  • Where you can find resources to support your business with this change


Introducing Rob Sheppard,  Elisia Coetzee & Darren Ellis

1. What Is A Casual Employee Under the New Changes.

2. CEIS & How Will the New Changes Affect Your Business.

3. Offsetting Casual Employees.

4. Casual Employee Conversion Part 1.

5. Casual Employee Conversion Part 2.

6. Key Take-aways From the Changes.

a collaboration of experts

Labour Law changes

Darren Ellis

eagle shared services

Darren has 30 years of experience as a trusted advisor helping businesses with their processes such as bookkeeping, payroll and managerial accounting.

Labour Law changes

Rob Sheppard

quantum hr

Rob has 20 years experience leading and managing frontline human resources (HR) and recruitment functions of multi-discipline teams across national and international locations.

Labour Law changes

Elisia Coetzee

quantum hr

Elisia is a respected HR & IR
Specialist and Leadership Coach with 20 years plus experience in a broad range of human resources and industrial relations fields.